K trio is an Amsterdam based international ensemble featuring pianist Kristjan Martinsson (Iceland), bassist Pat Cleaver (UK/France) and drummer Andris Buikis (Latvia). The band has been performing throughout Europe to much critical acclaim since 2008. K trio’s music has been described as “playful”, “humorous”, “volcanic”, “rhythmically exciting” and “full of complicity and virtuosity”. Following shortly after their triple Icelandic Music Award winning record "Meatball evening", K trio's fourth album is titled “Vindstig”. It is a suite of 13 compositions based on the many Icelandic words for wind, and is a collaboration with the visual artist Helga Paley who has created a series of drawings as a companion piece to the music (serving as artwork for the record and to be projected as a backdrop to live shows). Besides the traditional piano trio it features the members of the band doubling on various wind instruments.